D/s Dynamic- Mono (or) Poly?

*Note: I would like to point out that there are many different types of Dominate- Submissive relationships including Daddy/Mommy- Little, Dom/Domme- Sub, Master/mistress- Slave, etc.  In this post, I will refer to all roles as either Dominate or Submissive. AS it feels rather redundant to me to say “or daddy/little, etc”. There are also those […]

Shaken Faith.

Everyone who believes in anything or anyone; God, Shiva, Buddha, Satan, Zeus,  in my case the many Kami who are worshipped by the Shinto. Falls from grace occasionally. That is to say, they give in to a temptation that leads them astray.  Causes them to falter. 


Anya and Lance had been friends for a couple years now. Finally Lance asked her to take the next step in life. He wanted to date her. Anya had seen how Lance is with his girlfriends.