Progress Report (1)…

Hey everyone!

I thinks so far… I have been failing my “Resolutions“… But here is my first progress report. The next one will be posted the last week of August.


Bring back the chain of love: I feel like this is the only one I feel I haven’t completely failed…. Because it’s easy. Everyday I do one random act of kindness. I Have witnessed the chain reaction. I think my favorite, was the homeless man. Everyday I pass him on the street, he’s one who wont set foot in the soup kitchen. I passed him on my way to work the other day, and while I couldn’t stop for long, I pulled over, and handed my last $20. Asked his name. He’s Jim, and he’s been homeless since his wife died 2010. He couldn’t bring himself to live in that house anymore, and no other home felt like home to him. His story made me cry. As I pulled away… I saw two other cars hand him money. On my way home I stopped back by his corner, and brought him some cookies that had been made for the soup kitchen, and a care package. I asked him how his day was. “It’s a good day because of you,  Miss Sin..Others have given me money. At first, I thought ‘ Jim lets get a room and shower it’s been a while.’ I got 80 dollars… but I just couldn’t be that selfish. I went to the flower stand, and bought a couple flowers, took a bus to the cemetery and gave them to my wife and talked to her. apologized for missing her birthday and our anniversary and all that.. I took her a rose for every holiday I’ve missed. with what was left. $50.. I gave it to a mom of 3 tiny humans who was stranded at the gas station. I filled up her tank.. She asked. And I handed her the same note you handed me.”  The note was “Don’t let the chain of love end with you”  I decided preprinted cards were pretentious. 


Lost 50 lbs by Christmas… hahahaha ok so its been a slow start. but I am pleased to announce its not a complete bust.. I’ve lost 10Lbs since the first. And mostly feeling great. Despite.. other… Health problems.


Sisters wedding: We finally found a budget for this. Her floral expense (that she still doesn’t know I am paying for somehow.. she follows my blog XD) Is $1000. Perfect. I have managed to save $20 towards this.


Paying off a personal loan…. this one is the most frustrating by far… I’m now getting 3 emails a day even after I’ve emailed and called the person explaining that until I get more hours I can only send $100 per month. He agreed to that… But still bugs me. Ah well, now its down $500.  


Well. I Had the court date for this finally XD They booked an released me, I was able to put $200 down on it. And will be making $75 dollar payments the next two months, then $150 till its paid off. which.. Should pay it off by the end of November. A month ahead of my goal.


I have put away $50 towards XD so far behind schedule I might cry, but still it’s something. 😛


OK ok so I don’t think I will be able to move by October… *Cries* even though I have 3 jobs now… I just do not see it happening and It could have been a bit overzealous to honestly think I could pull it off. I mean I will be super close,I only have $50 in this jar XD but the reality of it is, with life happening and being in and out of court and hostpital it’s harder to save than I had imagined. Unless the Kami provide me with a miracle 












Violence is not the answer..

We hear this constantly. Remember in a post I wrote a few days ago “Shaken Faith” where I talked about how as a Shinto and as a priestess, Violence is a huge no-no but I had at one point beaten a girl up for being for lack of better words a dick?

Well I ran into this morning at about midnight, I had gone to the store for some water. and she was there.  I tried to pretend I did not see her.  The thing stood in front of me, trying to show me screen shots, and telling me all of this false made up information about my sister and the person whom I am in love with. I tried to step past her, she moved with me. doing that very stupid and annoying dance thing. You know the one.

Well. I asked her kindly to move, said excuse me, said I did not care what she had to say, even thanked  her for her false warnings.

But then. It happened, She dissed my sister. then she dissed my love. SHe flat out disrespected them. Called my sister, lazy good for nothing fatass drug addicted whore, and  my love a psychotic asshole woman beating dead beat dad. None of that is true. I got very mad, and raised my hand to bitch slap her…



Instead, I took a steadying breath, and clapped my hand on her shoulder, smiled and said “You, are an aweful, miserable, evil person.” I then took my “Rattle” out of my bag took a step back and shook it at her doing a purification ritual. Dancing around her, in a way that may have resembled an anime Shinto priest(ess). I hope it worked, for her sake.


Enter a caption


It has to be painful for her to be so miserable that she forever has to try and harm others and try to ruin their relationships. She, and a couple of her minions, in all honesty have done so much harassing even with legal actions taken against have caused a few people to move, change their names and start their lives over completely. (myself included,  I submitted a legal name change a few months ago, and am still switching all of my records over, the time it is all fully taken care of I will be hard to find, this is also largely why I remain anonymous here). I say this, only to say that, please… please please please never cause anyone this kind of pain and suffering. It really does hurt, and some could really hurt you as well if you drive them crazy enough. AND NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER… Cause anyone physical harm. I have said before and I will however many times I feel it necessary. Words, and actions are your finest weapons… Weild them Wisely for the way you choose to do so, defines your character.


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