Chain of Love: 25 RAK’s Edition.(12.1.17)

Chain of love is a constant thing in my life. for the next 25 days (ending on Christmas day) I will try to commit 25 DIFFERENT acts of kindness.. 😀 maybe It will Inspire you. I Just got off work. SO this post is for December 1st. albeit a day late.

Today’s random act of kindness… started out as an average day at work. I get called away from registers quite often to help the elderly shop. Normally their ride is there promptly.

Today I went shopping with this sweet little old lady. I’ve shopped with her a few times before, today it was right before my lunch hour. She didn’t really need much her, just a few presents, and the shopping trip was short. Well, It was cold out, and the lady had moderate dementia. Lucid maybe 80% of the time. Today her caregiver and her ride wouldn’t be there for a while. So I clocked out, sat with her in Subway during my lunch and helped her wrap her presents.

It was quite fun. She told me how her husband used to meet her always at the grocery store or go with her to help her get them, and always carried them in for her, she told me a little about being a nurse in the Korean war, and her family moving here from Germany when she was a girl. I used my whole lunch hour to wait with her so she wouldn’t be alone, Just in case, She had a spell of confusion, but also because my lunches are EXTREMELY BORING.

When her ride showed up I made sure she was on the bus securely before saying goodbye, her caregiver was super thankful.
” She’s never done this fast. Thank you so much for staying with her while I was unable to pick her up right away.”

” I was very happy to help the missus, ma’am. Drive Safely.”


The smile on the old lady’s face got through the rest of my hellish shift.


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