Friday Fictioneers: Survival Against The Machines

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Friday Fictioneers is a bite sized writing challenge hosted by the beautiful and talented Rochelle, the goal is to write a complete story in under 100words, if you would like to read more or contribute to the epic madness, click the cute little frog

Word Count: 98

It’s been 10 years, since the machines made an uprise, defeating most of man kind.

Few have survived, it’s estimated at only 100,000 are left after the war against the machines.

Sai and I are able to return to our home, with many other of Freedom Chasers.

We walked through the ruin of our once beautiful town, dazed, but honestly, what else did we expect?

We stopped dead just outside our home, still mostly in tact. It appeared innocent enough, but we weren’t fooled.

We aimed and Flamed, watching the machine explode, satisfied—-

“NOOOO!!! MY CAR!” screamed our grandma from inside.

Thankful Thursday: “Family”

I have my bio family… and I have my “family”… My “family” is small and comprised of only a few people. My best friend/sister, my ex, and a couple if his friends, and tei of yhe girl friends…and 3 tiny humans, 4 if you count the tiny human I baby sit. We are A tight knit and impenetrable group. We’ve been through more shit and trolls and assfuckery than any human should even be able to fathom. And yet I trust these people with my life. We have no biological ties, except the three tiny humans, we could easily all part ways, and we have separated before, because things just got too overwhelming. But once someone left, they were always allowed to come back and it’s as if they never left…

All of this is more than I could say for most of my biological family. They never understood me the way my “Family” does.

I am thankful for this small group today, because, they have saved me from myself time and again, and also more recently, the ex offered( after my sister told him some things) to let me stay with him when I move, which is better than the other deals I have been offered. And he lives really close to both school and work. ♡

The only problem I see with this… is keeping my feelings in check. because in all honesty, I am still madly in love with this man… Wish me luck. >,>

I am thankful for them all because they fight for those they love or care for, they never judge, unless given reason, help when they can with out expecting a thing in return.

If any if you ever happen to read this.. Thank you for being you, and existing, allowing me to be a part of your life, and I can’t wait to see you!


Thankful Thursday: Writing (and Misstress)~

This week I am thankful for writing. It is a great escape for me. It always has been. Whether I’m writing something very real, or some fantasy involving amazing sex and burning orgasms. It has always helped me to pick up a pen and write and I am thankful for the ability to do such art.

This week I have been fighting depression to the max… So much so I have even avoided blogging because it felt too social. I had maybe left a couple comments on Facebook posts while scrolling, aimlessly, trying to find something to occupy my mind. I have been completely withdrawn from everyone.

Including my Misstress

Today, Misstress called me. It was the first time in about a week. I had heard her voice. Though she has been texting me all week, I never answered.

“Girl, you haven’t talked to me in quite some time. I am worried about you. This isn’t normal, even for you,  you always atleast say ‘I need alone time’ before leaving. I won’t force you to talk to me right now because I understand you very well. But I needed to hear your sweet voice, to make sure you were still alive. I will leave soon. But please WRITE. Everything stopping you from smiling. Please write it down and send it to me. No matter what it contains. Write it down, you will feel better. Goodbye sweet girl. Call me when you are ready to chat.”

And so, though it was merely suggestion, a plea to come back to her… my submissive switch was flipped, and I obeyed. I wrote everything down. Or rather, typed it, and sent it to her in an email. I (almost) immediately felt better. I had gotten everything off my chest and I could breathe again.

I am also thankful for Misstress’s intervention, I have been on the phone with her now for three hours, and it’s as if I hadn’t left her for darkness.

Thank you, Misstress, for reminding me that I need to let go of the negative and embrace the positive, and always have writing~

Now that I am back… I have a weeks worth of blogging to catch up on. Stay tuned!


Friday Fictioneers: Cobwebs~

Photo prompt courtesy  of © Victor and Sarah Potter

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Word count: 100

Jim and Nancy had just come home, from six months vacation traveling all over easy Asia, a gift from their lovely grown children.

Nancy took one look around their home, dust had collected in some areas.

She walked into the kitchen, and laughed. Very hard, and loud. Jim wondered what could be so funny.

That is when he saw, to his horror, a giant spider web adorning the kitchen window, it’s owner at its center. He looked incredously at nancy.


“The window depicts my lady-cave perfectly, all cobwebs down there.”

Jim scoffed and walked out.

Seeking shelter where there is none : BDSM cannot and will not “fix” your problems.

This is the first time I have ever reblogged anything. But… I can not tell you how absolutely spot on it is. The whole thing in it’s entirety is super important and you should read it in it’s entirety. But what made it absolutely reblog worthy, aside from being absolutely blunt, in my eyes,was the last half about finding the right D/s.. it is something I feel is … not ever really considered.
Please give it a read ♡Sin

Pup Brozo

Lately in the scene, I notice a pattern with a lot of female s-types that has become an issue. I do not mean to single out a gender bracket entirely. Let me preface this by saying this is my current experience. Mine. Therefore I’m fully allowed to state my take on it and offer a bit of insight. The pattern I notice is this direct or back-handed assumption that BDSM/Little space/Pup Space is going to solve all your problems. That d-types are here to make everything better and essentially play superman to broken spirits.

You’re here for the wrong reasons. Come back later when you’ve leveled out mentally and emotionally.

That may be blunt and painful to read, but it’s a fact. A fact we really need to acknowledge and discuss. Because there’s too many hearts being broken at their own hands and none of these types want to see…

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