Progress Report (1)…

Hey everyone! I thinks so far… I have been failing my “Resolutions“… But here is my first progress report. The next one will be posted the last week of August.                                  

Violence is not the answer..

We hear this constantly. Remember in a post I wrote a few days ago “Shaken Faith” where I talked about how as a Shinto and as a priestess, Violence is a huge no-no but I had at one point beaten a girl up for being for lack of better words a dick? Well I ran […]

FruktSuppe ( Fruit Soup)

AHH this is a lovely, and very easy to make recipe, I Tweaked it to my liking, but I will add notes where I gypped tradition. I made this ONE TIME with my mamaw, I don’t think she’d ever made it before, In fact I do believe she told me “This is the first time […]

Mystic Messenger- “Bad Ending”

THE OTHER DAY I REVIEWED MYSTIC Messenger game. Well I “started over” meaning I saved and started a new game, it didn’t take long. So. Here’s what happens when you spend the first 5ish minutes defying ‘unknown’ You can keep saying “No” “You are creepy” in the end you end up going to the address. […]